Vokalconsort des Berliner Mädchenchores beim Deutschen Chorwettbewerb in Freiburg: 2. Preisträger
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Vokalconsort of the Berlin Girls Choir

At the age of 22 at the latest, the membership with the Berlin Girls Choir comes to an end, as the choir is a children’s and youth choir. “Where shall I now turn to?” some of the young adult Girls Choir singers ask. They still want to go on singing in a choir at the level they gained. Thus, on initiative of some alumni, the idea came up to found a choir for young women: the Vokalconsort of the Berlin Girls Choir.

The project started in fall 2014. The newly found choir group first appeared in public at the Christmas concert of the Berlin Girls Choir on 18 December 2014. Meanwhile, the ensemble consists of more than 20 singers.

The minimum age for a membership in the Vokalconsort of the Berlin Girls Choir is 18 years.

We are also willing to welcome experienced singers from other choirs.

Conductor: Sabine Wüsthoff
Accompanist: Keiko Yuasa
Phonation Teacher: Anna-Luise Oppelt

Weekly rehearsal

Thursday, 20.00–22.00
Church hall of the Lindenkirche (Lindenchurch)
Johannisberger Str. 15a, 14197 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Upcoming events of the Vokalconsort

summer break

Summer break

25. June17. August

Fall break

22. October2. November


For 20 years Sabine Wüsthoff has been conducting the Berlin Girls Choir. The choir originally started as a church [...]

Welcome back

Our accompanist Keiko Yuasa (2007-2013) and our vocal coach Nadja Merzyn (2012-2015) have returned to the teaching team of [...]


Mon 25

Summer break

25. June17. August
Jul 01
Aug 25

Rüdi-Net summer festival

25. August | 15:00


Mo – Fr: 9 am – 6 pm

Phone: +49 30 91528588

Fax: +49 30 91472840

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