Video samples of the Berlin Girls Choir

Saulit velu vakarai

Andris Sējāns

5 Concerts / Cyprus

The Joiku

Jukka Linkola

Lindenholzhausen / Ger.

Clap Yo' Hands

George Gershwin

Lindenholzhausen / Ger.

Jubilate Deo

Sandra Milliken

Lund / Sweden

The Seal Lullaby

Eric Whitacre

Lund / Sweden

German Folksongs

Johannes Brahms

Lund / Sweden

Lift thine eyes ...

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

Gentofte / Denmark

A maiden is in a ring


Lund / Sweden


Sabine Wüsthoff

Kröchlendorff / Germany

It’s dawning antewoods

Johann Ott

Weimar / Germany

The Chapel

Robert Schumann

Weimar / Germany

The Nightingale

Thomas Weelkes

Weimar / Germany


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Sep 30

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30. September | 10:0011:00
Oct 22

Fall break

22. October2. November


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