Sing along

Entry without choir knowledge

Your like singing a lot and would like to do this together with others? Then, you are at the right place here with us! In addition to the weekly rehearsals, there are regular concerts, participation in workshops and choir breaks, trips with the choir in Germany and abroad as well as meeting other girls choirs, are special experiences. In the Berlin Girls Choir you are guaranteed to find new friends who share your hobby with you.

Entry with basic choir knowledge

You are singing in the school choir or in another children’s choir and want to develop vocally? Then, the Berlin Girls Choir could be your choice. Apply now!

Entry as an experienced singer

You are singing in a children’s or youth choir which you will have to leave soon as you have reached the age limit? After having left your choir, you wish to go on singing at least on a similar level? If you are at least 13 years old, make an appointment for an audition with the Concert Choir. From the age of 20, you can also apply for the Vocal Consort of the Berlin Girls Choir.

What we expect from you

  • regular participation in the weekly choir rehearsals and the monthly voice training sessions
  • Apologies/cancellations for absences/avoidance must always be made in good time.
  • cancellation only for good cause (illness, class trip)
  • obligatory participation in special rehearsals, church services, concerts, choir rehearsal trips, choir meetings and concert tours.

Please check whether you want to sing in the Berlin Girls’ Choir under these conditions, whether you can reconcile this with school requirements, other hobbies and your inner attitude, and whether your parents would approve of your choir activities.

Admission procedure, requirements and dates

In principle, every girl can sing in the Berlin Girls Choir, provided there are free places and the admission requirements are met. Admission is possible at any age level. The decision as to which of the five choir classes the applicant will be accepted into lies with the choir conducting team.


  • New admissions to the Basic Choir and Junior Choir at any time, if places are available; to the Junior Concert Choir and Concert Choir preferably after the summer holidays and after the winter holidays; to the Vocal Consort only on individual request.
  • Trial lesson: Before joining the choir, one trial lesson must be attended. Dates are allocated by the choir office by personal invitation and according to the order of applications (online form). Following the trial lesson, two further lessons can be attended in immediate succession in the Basic Choir and Junior Choir before a decision on admission is made. From Junior Concert Choir only one trial lesson.

Admission procedure

  • Application via our online application form – waiting list if necessary.
  • Attendance at a trial lesson followed by an admission interview (up to 16 years of age with parents) or audition (for Concert Choir and Vocal Consort).
  • Written application for admission. Forms are available after the admission interview.
  • Upon acceptance, a three-month probationary period applies, during which termination is possible at any time.

Special admission requirements

  • Basic Choir (from approx. 5/6 years)
    Primary school pupil min. 1st grade/early school years, previous musical knowledge not required, no audition required
  • Junior Choir (from 8 years)
    basic musical knowledge at school level, no audition required
  • Junior Concert Choir (from 10 years)
    Basic musical knowledge at school level, no audition required
  • Concert Choir (from 13 years)
    good basic musical knowledge, audition required
  • Vocal Consort (Women)
    relevant experience in a girls’/youth choir, student choir or similar and solid musical knowledge (sight-singing desirable). An audition is required.


To participate in the Berlin Girls Choir, you sign a contract with the Musikschule City West. A monthly choir fee is charged. Please ask the choir office for the current amount.

There may be additional costs, such as for choir clothing, own contribution for travel and choir rehearsal trips.