Berliner Mädchenchor (Konzertchor): Konzert in Tel Aviv, Israel
Berliner Mädchenchor Konzertchor: Japan-Tournee
Berliner Mädchenchor Vorchor: Weihnachtssingen
Berliner Mädchenchor (Aufbauchor): die Zauberflöte, Singspiel, Oper
Berliner Mädchenchor (Kleiner Konzertchor): Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie
Berliner Mädchenchor: Konzert in Lund, Schweden
Berliner Mädchenchor (Konzertchor): am Strand von Tel Aviv, Israel
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  1. We respect the uniqueness of every choir member.
  2. We encourage the vocal skills of every single girl (i. e. by giving child-oriented vocal trainings and solo concerts).
  3. We tolerate the different capacities of the choir girls and lay the foundations to progress individually.
  1. We support the possibility to experience appreciation and gain self-confidence through the concerts and participations in competitions.
  2. We rely on the cooperative and trustworthy contact with the parents of our girls and encourage their mutual exchange.