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Rehearsal times

Basic Choir (age 5 to 8)

Monday, 15.00–16.00
Great hall
Parish house, Lindenchurch (Lindenkirche)


Thursday, 14.45–15.45
Music hall
Ruppin Primary School – »Musical Primary School« (Musikalische Grundschule)

Junior Choir (age 8 to 10)

Thursday, 16.00–18.00
Great hall, small hall
Parish house, Lindenchurch (Lindenkirche)

Small Concert Choir (age 10 to 13)

Monday, 16.30–18.30
Great hall
Parish house, Lindenchurch (Lindenkirche)

Concert Choir (age 13 to 22)

Monday, 18.30–19.30 and
Thursday, 17.00–19.30
Great hall
Parish house, Lindenchurch (Lindenkirche)

Vokalconsort (age 18+)

Thursday, 20.00–22.00
Great hall
Parish house, Lindenchurch (Lindenkirche)

Rehearsal locations

Lindenchurch community, parish house

Johannisberger Str. 15 A, 14197 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
(S-/U-Station Heidelberger Platz; U-Station Rüdesheimer Platz; Bus 186, Stop Binger Str.)

Ruppin Primary School

Offenbacher Str. 5a, 12159 Berlin-Friedenau
(S-/U-Station Bundesplatz; Bus 101, Stop Hanauer Str.; Bus 248, Stop Görresstr.)


Tue 17

Summer break

25. June19. August
Aug 25

Rüdi-Net summer festival

25. August | 15:00
Sep 30
Oct 22

Fall break

22. October2. November


Mo – Fr: 9 am – 6 pm

Phone: +49 30 91528588

Fax: +49 30 91472840

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