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The magic flute, Dec. 14th 2014

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»Die monster«: Three ladies defeat the lindworm.

»The monster«: Three ladies defeat the lindworm.

»O loveliness beyond compare«: Tamino falls in love

»O loveliness beyond compare«: Tamino falls in love

Bird catcher Papageno the mouth is closed.

»Oh, do not tremble, my dear son«: appearance of the Queen of the Night.

Papageno finds Pamina in her room in Sarastro’s palace.

»In men, feel that love« The choir sings with …

… Papageno and Pamina, who want to escape from the palace.

Three boys with Tamino: »To your goal leads this road«.

»Flute aria«: Tamino brings the animals to dance.

Sarastro gathered with the priests in the Magic Forest.

»O Isis und Osiris«: The Priests sing Tamino virtue.

»Hell’s vengeance«: The queen of the night visits her daughter.

Sarastro calms Pamina. He tolerates no revenge.

An old woman seduces Papageno talk.

»You are welcome for the second time« – boy solo

Tamino remains steadfast and silent.

Sarastro gives Papageno a second chance. But who wants …

… not to make an effort. Enough for him, »A girl or female«.

Finally united: »Tamino mine, O what happiness«.

Third test: steadfastness. »Triumph. Triumph«

Finally Papageno gets his Papagena: »Pa-Pa-Pa«

»Shattered, destroyed is our power«

Grand finale: »The rays of the sun«.

Alexander and Nadia Merzyn the final applause.


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