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30 years Berlin Girls Choir | anniversary celebration, Sept. 18th 2016

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Festandacht: Musica Dei

Festandacht: Jubilate Deo

Thoughts/sermon: woman pastor Bettina Schwietering-Evers

Festandacht: „Hebe deine Augen auf“ (Vokalconsort, Concert Choir)

Festandacht: Dona nobis pacem

Ceremonial act: Sabine Wüsthoff with the Basic Choir

Ceremonial act in the Linden Church

Stelios Chatziktoris with the Junior Choir

Welcoming speech of the district: city councillor for culture Dagmar König

Sabine Wüsthoff with woman pastor Bettina Schietering-Evers

Stelios Chatziktoris with the Junior Choir

Reading out of the welcoming speech of Petra Merkel, president of the chorus association Berlin

Ceremonial act: „I will magnify thee, oh Lord“ (Small Concert Choir)

Welcoming speech: Josef Holzhauser, deputy head of the musical school City-West

Ceremonial address of the choir girls (Sarah Ohlwig, Claire Arntz, Marie Kott)

Helena Köhne (phonation teacher)

Conclusion of the ceremonial act: „The Lord bless you“

Sabine Wüsthoff with Josef Holzhauser and Dagmar König

Reception in front of the Linden Church with „BMC-Cocktail“

Reunion with Keiko Yuasa (former accompanist of the Berlin Girls Choir)

„Tombo Tombo“ song for the start of the tombola

Concert 1 with the Basic Choir

Concert 1 with the Basic Choir

Hands-on-activity: Israelian folk dance

Hands-on-activity: Israelian folk dance

Hands-on-activity: body percussion

Hands-on-activity: body percussion

Hands-on-activity: sing together

Information and sales booth

Concert 2: Junior Choir

Concert 2: Junior Choir with Stelios Chatziktoris

Concert 2: Vokalconsort

Concert 2: Vokalconsort and part of the Concert Choir

Duet „My dearest, my fairest“, H. Purcell

Concert 2: Conclusion

Concert 2: Conclusion

Concert 2: Conclusion

Eleni Irakleaous and Sabine Wüsthoff


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