Berliner Mädchenchor (Konzertchor): Konzert in Tel Aviv, Israel
Berliner Mädchenchor Konzertchor: Japan-Tournee
Berliner Mädchenchor Vorchor: Weihnachtssingen
Berliner Mädchenchor (Aufbauchor): die Zauberflöte, Singspiel, Oper
Berliner Mädchenchor (Kleiner Konzertchor): Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie
Berliner Mädchenchor: Konzert in Lund, Schweden
Berliner Mädchenchor (Konzertchor): am Strand von Tel Aviv, Israel
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Your like singing a lot and would like to do this together with others? Then, you are at the right place here with us! Whether singing in the Basic Choir, the Junior Choir, the Small Concert Choir or the Concert Choir – with us, singing is a lot of fun! In the weekly rehearsals, you can be part of the community and easily release the stress of the day. Concerts, sometimes yet on the big stages of our city, participation in workshops and choir breaks (Chorfreizeiten), trips with the choir at home and abroad as well as meeting other girls choirs, are special experiences.

We are well known for our distinctive sound far beyond the city limits. But we also want to hit the right notes. Therefore, we rehearse and rehearse and rehearse. The applause after a concert feels wonderful as well as the success that the Berlin Girls Choir yet achieved in national and international choir competitions.

Girls sing in the Berlin Girls Choir. Be included in this extraordinary choral community!

What we wish you: To feel comfortable in your choir class, find friends, feel the team spirit, be fascinated by the enthusiasm of your choir sisters and burn for performing in front of an audience…

What we expect from you: To come regularly to the weekly rehearsals, unregister yourself when hindered by an important reason (i. e. sickness, a test in school), the choir is very important to you, we may count on your participation in additional rehearsals, concerts and trips with the choir.

Before applying with us, please check whether your commitment with the Berlin Girls Choir matches with the educational requirements, other leisure activities and your inner attitude and whether your parents would agree with your choir activities.

We attach great value to the cooperation with the parents of our choir girls. Especially in the youngest choir groups (Basic Choir, Junior Choir) we are very much reliant on the support of the parents.


  • Basic Choir (6 to 8 years): Monday, 3.00-4.00 pm, Linden Church, or Thursday, 2.45-3.45 pm, Ruppin Primary School
  • Junior Choir (8 to 10 years): Thursday, 4.00–6.00 pm, Linden Church
  • Small Concert Choir (10 to 13 years): Monday, 4.30–6.30 pm, Linden Church
  • Concert Choir (13 to 22 years): Monday, 6.30–7.30 pm and Thursday, 5.00–7.30 pm, Linden Church

Main rehearsal site

Community Hall of the protestant Linden Church
Johannisberger Str. 15a, 14197 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
(S-/U-Bhf. Heidelberger Platz, U-Bhf. Rüdesheimer Platz, Bus 186 get off Binger Str.)

Choir enrolment

  • Basic Choir: An admission is possible any time after shadowing a rehearsal and an interview (with the parents).
  • Junior Choir, Small Concert Choir: In January after the new year and in summer after the summer break. Requirements: Shadowing a rehearsal and an interview (with the parents). A probationary period of three months will follow, then admission interview.
  • Concert Choir: Preferably after the summer break. Requirements: A healthy voice and a basic musical knowledge are expected. An audition is essential for the admission in this choir class. Should you be talented, a probationary period of three months will follow, before you can finally be admitted.


Contact person: Sabine Wüsthoff, Tel. 0049 (30) 821 60 09