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For 20 years Sabine Wüsthoff has been conducting the Berlin Girls Choir. The choir originally started as a church group. Under the sponsorship of the music academy City West Sabine Wüsthoff built up a choir school with today five classes und formed a new choir profil. She extended the repertoire, she prepared the girls for the participation in national and international choir competitions, and she started organzing encounters with other girls choirs. At the same time she initiated the founding of an association for the advancement of the Berlin Girls Choir, which has been co-sponsor since the end of the year 1999. Thereby concert tours abroad have been possible among others activities.

Meanwhile the Berlin Girls Choir travelled abroad twelve times, it took part in twelve choir competitions, it welcame eight choirs to Berlin, and it co-operated in a numerous projects of well-known choirs and orchestras.


Thu 16

Summer break

25. June19. August
Sat 25

Rüdi-Net summer festival

25. August | 15:00
Sep 30

Thanksgiving service

30. September | 10:0011:00
Oct 22

Fall break

22. October2. November


Mo – Fr: 9 am – 6 pm

Phone: +49 30 91528588

Fax: +49 30 91472840

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