With the rating “Outstanding”, the Vocal Consort of the Berlin Girls’ Choir qualified at this year’s State Choir Competition for the second time in a row for the German Choir Competition, which will take place in Hanover in 2023. The young women scored a proud 24.7 points under the direction of Sabine Wüsthoff. They competed in the category “Women’s Choirs” with a demanding programme, including the world premiere of the commissioned composition “Der Bergbach” by Sven Daigger (*1984). In addition, the ensemble received the special prize “for a particularly creative choreography” for the performance of this piece.

About the piece the composer says:

The composition “Der Bergbach” sets to music the poem of the same name by Christian Morgenstern. A mountain stream is in permanent motion and is constantly changing. It wanders as a fine trickle from the highest mountain peak, through fascinating contrasting landscapes. Slowly it builds up, becomes more torrential, more powerful, joins other streams, flows into rivers and after a long journey reaches the wide sea.

Something similar happens in my composition. It wanders through gentle, mildly rushing, surging, wildly raging, tearing and finally leisurely flowing soundscapes. The tonal language changes from noise to whispering, speaking, calling and ends in singing.

Sven Daigger, 23.06.2022