The Berlin Girls’ Choir welcomes over 50 new singers from 5 to 26 years old to its ranks for the new choir school year 2022/23. It had become quieter during the Corona crisis, which suddenly caused two entire classes to be absent. All the more pleasing is the high demand that has now returned. Despite all the prophecies of doom: singing, or more precisely singing in community, is good for the soul, emotionally, health-wise and socially. After isolation and loneliness in Corona times, children and young people now need all the more personal contacts, new friendships and group experiences.

Experiencing themselves as part of a community of like-minded people – the girls’ choir day in September offered an opportunity to do this. As part of the “catch-up package” of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, the Berlin Girls’ Choir organised a get-to-know-you day with numerous games, singing dances, song rehearsals, a joint lunch and other bonding activities that made the girls “come alive”.

We are optimistic that the Berlin Girls’ Choir can look forward to a bright future!

Wir danken herzlich für die Unterstützung unseres Mädchenchortages: