The Berlin Girls’ Choir is very pleased about the award.

The “Children’s Choirland Award” (Kinderchorlandpreis) is a prize offered by the Deutsche Chorjugend e. V. together with the respective regional choir associations, with which one children’s choir in each federal state is honored for good children’s choir work as part of the SingBus tour. In Berlin, the local choir association also donated a second prize. A total of seven children’s choirs had applied for the awards. All of them were able to convince the jury with their concepts, so that the decision was particularly difficult. The winners were the Clara Schumann Choir from Lichtenberg (2nd prize) and the Berlin Girls’ Choir from Wilmersdorf (1st prize).

All existing children’s choirs or those in the process of being founded, in which values such as diversity, cohesion and responsible music-making are lived, were eligible to participate. The competition was looking for choirs that live good children’s choir work on a musical, pedagogical and organizational level.

Mira Faltlhauser, chairwoman of the board of the German Choir Youth, explained: “The children’s choir of the Berlin Girls’ Choir under the direction of Juliane Roever and Kelley Marie Sundin impressed the jury the most. The performance in this choir is not primarily the musical one, but here above all individuality and social togetherness are emphasized. Even the change between the individual choir groups is not based on performance criteria, but on age, personal development and social contacts. In addition to this well-founded and active work before the pandemic, choir life was also maintained as best as possible during the pandemic with creativity and commitment. Thanks to a regular offer – both digitally and with singing dances in presence breaks on the playground – the team created a friendly support and a diversion next to all the screen fatigue for all choir children. They also did a great job through a specially composed song and a motivational public relations campaign expressing the choir’s diversity and creativity. As the winning choir, the choir will get the opportunity to perform at the Singbus event on June 21 or hold an open rehearsal – subject to the Corona rules in effect at that time.”