Junior Choir (age 8 to 10)

In this choir group, songs for two or three voices are sung. There is a special focus on the development of musical comedies and small pieces of music theatre (nativity play, fairytales, children’s opera). Furthermore, first public performances take place in the Lindenchurch, the FEZ Berlin (a children’s, youth and family centre), the ufaFabrik Berlin (an international culture centre) and various other locations in Berlin. The girls get vocal training.

From the age of 10 and after having gone through the Junior Choir, the girls change to the Junior Concert Choir. The conductor of the Junior Choir decides about the admission into the Little Concert Choir together with the phonation teacher and the conductor of the Little Concert Choir.

Conductors: Eleni IrakleousCarolin FrankJuliane Roever
Phonation Teacher: Carolin Frank
Accompanist: Susan Wang

Weekly rehearsal

Thursday, 16.00–18.00
Church hall of the Lindenkirche (Lindenchurch)
Johannisberger Str. 15a, 14197 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Become a choral singer

Upcoming events of the Junior Choir

Fall Break

24. October5. November

Family Christmas concert

16. December | 18:00

Winter break

30. January 20235. February 2023

summer break

Summer break

10. July 202327. August 2023

Children’s Choirland Award

The Berlin Girls' Choir is very pleased about the award. The "Children's Choirland Award" (Kinderchorlandpreis) is a prize offered [...more]