Berliner Mädchenchor (Konzertchor): Konzert in Tel Aviv, Israel
Berliner Mädchenchor Konzertchor: Japan-Tournee
Berliner Mädchenchor Vorchor: Weihnachtssingen
Berliner Mädchenchor (Aufbauchor): die Zauberflöte, Singspiel, Oper
Berliner Mädchenchor (Kleiner Konzertchor): Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie
Berliner Mädchenchor: Konzert in Lund, Schweden
Berliner Mädchenchor (Konzertchor): am Strand von Tel Aviv, Israel
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For interested parents

We are happy that your daughter wants to sing in the Berlin Girls Choir. In order that you as parents will not only be well informed, but will also be able to witness the concerts, we offer you the following, i. e.:

  • the possibility to participate when you daughter shadows a rehearsal
  • parents’ evenings according on demand (i. e. in preparation of a trip of the choir)
  • individual conversations with the teachers (conductor/vocal trainer) on agreement of an appointment
  • an e-mail-newsletter twice a year and a special newsletter, if appropriate
  • access to the intranet of the Berlin Girls Choir (in preparation)
  • coordination of transport services
  • summer and Christmas concerts for the families in the Linden Church, always at the end of each semester (free entry; coffee and cake will be served before the concerts and in the breaks)
  • solo concerts, where the girls present the results of the individual vocal trainings
  • part wise discounted tickets, seldom also tickets for free for public concerts in which the Berlin Girls Choir participates
  • membership in the association of friends of the Berlin Girls Choir (the annual fee currently is 30 €), in which you may be involved in the active choir life – click here for further information

Family Christmas concert

14. December | 18:0019:30

J. S. Bach: Christmas Oratorio

16. December | 18:0020:00

J. S. Bach Christmas Oratorio

17. December | 16:0018:30

Christian Vespers

24. December | 18:00

»Les Voix Boréales« from Canada visits Berlin

9. March 201811. March 2018

Palm Symphony

10. March 2018 | 18:0020:00

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