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Music theatre for children’s choir, various play devices and instruments, feeds and electronics.
2nd performance

with the Junior Choir of the Berlin Girls Choir

“Children’s Scenes” (working title) is a music theatre piece that takes the immediate reality of children’s lives as its theme and thus joins the discourse opened by stage works such as “Before Your Very Eyes” (Gob Squad) or “Five Easy Pieces” (Milo Rau). The central idea of presenting childhood as a highly serious stage of life is formulated in a piece of music theatre aimed at an adult audience: The young singers and performers present an artistic work that is based on their vocal and physical being and understands this as a full value. In this way, the “Children’s Scenes” refer, among other things, to the Polish doctor, educator and director of the orphanage in the Warsaw ghetto Janusz Korzcak (1878-1942) demanded “the right of the child to be as he is today” and his “right to be as he is”.

Concept/Direction: Ulrike Ruf
Music/Composition: Iris ter Schiphorst
Text: Ulrike Almut Sandig
Choreography: N.N.
Stage/Costumes: Sabine Hilscher
Projections/Video: Christina Voigt

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