Berliner Mädchenchor Vorchor: Weihnachtssingen
Berliner Mädchenchor (Vorchor): Konzert
Berliner Mädchenchor (Vorchor): Probe
Berliner Mädchenchor (Vorchor): Mitmachkonzert
Basic Choir 2017-03-13T20:40:12+00:00

Basic Choir (age 6 to 8)

The girls are having fun experiencing monophonic singing and singing in two voices. Dancing to music and musical comedies as well as canons appropriate for children form the musical material. Solmization helps training the sence of hearing and basic knowledge in music is imparted. The childrens’ voices are yet trained by choral voice training.

After having passed through the Basic Choir and depending on their vocal and musical development, the girls are accepted in the Junior Choir from around 8 years onwards. This change is decided upon by the conductors.

Conductors: Eleni Irakleous and Stelios Chatziktoris

Weekly rehearsal

Monday, 15.00–16.00
Church hall of the Lindenkirche (Lindenchurch)
Johannisberger Str. 15a, 14197 Berlin-Wilmersdorf


Thursday, 14.45-15.45
Music hall of the Ruppin-Primary-School – „Musikalische Grundschule“
Offenbacher Str. 5a, 12159 Berlin-Friedenau

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Upcoming events of the Basic Choir

Thanksgiving service for the whole family

1. October | 10:0011:00

Christmas concert for families

14. December | 18:00

Summer break

5. July 201823. August 2018

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