Berliner Mädchenchor (Konzertchor): Philharmonie Konzert, Berlin

Concert at the Berlin Philharmonie

Berliner Mädchenchor Vorchor: Weihnachtssingen

Basic Choir: Christmas singing

Berliner Mädchenchor (Aufbauchor): die Zauberflöte, Singspiel, Oper

Junior Choir »The Magic Flute«

Berliner Mädchenchor (Kleiner Konzertchor): Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie

Small Concert Choir

Berliner Mädchenchor Konzertchor: Japan-Tournee

Concert Choir in Japan


Berlin Girls Choir 2017-10-25T21:16:34+00:00

Girls Choir School

The Berlin Girls Choir was founded in 1986 at the protestant church ‘Lindenkirche’ in Berlin. It belongs to the Academy of Music City West and is the oldest and most successful choir school for girls in Berlin. It consists of four consecutive choir classes in which the girls are taught age-based by three conductors, one accompanist and two phonation teachers altogether. – On initiative of some alumni, the ‘Vokalconsort’ was founded in 2014. This vocal group consists of young women aged 18 and older with respective choir experience.

Should you wish to experience the Berlin Girls Choir live, take a look at our next concerts.

Solo concert

1. December | 18:0019:00

Advent carols at Lindenkirche

9. December | 16:0016:30

Advent carols at Grunewaldkirche

12. December | 18:0019:00

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