The Choir School for girls and young women in Berlin

The Berlin Girls Choir is the oldest and largest choir school for girls and young women in Berlin. It was founded in 1986 as part of the church music work of the Lutheran Lindenchurch parish, where most choir rehearsals still take place today.

The choir school consists of five choir classes that build on each other: Basic Choir (from grade 1 primary school), Junior Choir (from 8), Junior Concert Choir (from 10), Concert Choir (from 13) and Vocal Consort (from 20). Musical training includes weekly choir rehearsals and voice training. These form the basis for concert performances, participation in church services, youth encounters, choir trips and competition participation.

Our motto: Fun with music – singing in community – great group experiences – qualified choral training and discovering a love of classical music along the way!

Fall Break

24. October5. November

J. S. Bach Christmas Oratorio

10. December | 18:00

J. S. Bach Christmas Oratorio

11. December | 16:00